Cypress Strategies

Cypress Strategies serves affluent families as well as family-owned and controlled companies throughout the United States.

Cypress Strategies’ process combines:


Thorough Discovery


Collaborative and flexible solutions


Unbridled commitment to implementation and on-going support

Together with our support staff and our clients’ advisors we create a synergy of talent, education, and resources; providing a dynamic team approach in creating innovative and efficient planning solutions.

Our Mission:

Cypress Strategies is committed to helping clients achieve clarity in their legacy, succession, and life insurance planning. We pride ourselves on asking thoughtful questions, listening intently to the answers, building consensus around comprehensive solutions and taking responsibility for their implementation and execution. Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of our mission and confidence is our ultimate goal.

Our Vision

We will continue to grow and enhance our services and professional skills in our ongoing quest to be known as the premier platform to serve family businesses and ultra-affluent family groups. We will strive for constant personal, intellectual and professional growth while maintaining balanced lives.

Cypress Strategies will continue to educate clients and their advisors as to the truth about life insurance, as well as dispelling the myths of the industry that have been in place for more than a century. We will continue to apply our strategies to existing & new life insurance policies and dynamically work to help improve their performance.

Our People


Client Advisor

Director of
Financial Analytics

Director of
Case Design & Analytics

Director of
Finance & Operations

Client Services Manager

Director of