At Cypress Strategies, we are a caring and motivated team of professionals who are driven to serve you and your family’s very best interests, all while being sensitive to the emotional and psychological layers that are often entwined within a client’s estate plan. We are exceptionally skilled at navigating difficult and sometimes emotionally charged issues to arrive at a strategically sound solution for you, your family, and your company.

Our staff is made up of skilled professionals with the experience and education to help our clients sort through a wide range of difficult issues. What differentiates Cypress Strategies from other planning firms are not just the strategies, tactics or techniques we suggest, it’s the questions we ask. Even more important, we listen to the answers. We help our clients to identify clear objectives that act as the foundation and roadmap of each individual plan. We help ensure that the plan that is presented and ultimately implemented is your plan – not ours.

Furthermore, wealth transfer planning often ignores the next generation. All too frequently they are not prepared for the responsibility of managing significant amounts of wealth and the complicated decisions that come along with it. The end result is poorly prepared heirs, financial disputes or a lack of clarity over the future of family businesses. Cypress Strategies has specific experience in helping families design, coordinate and implement strategies that address multi-generational wealth transfer concerns.

The Cypress Strategies Process Benefits:

  • Our team helps you establish estate distribution goals – Family, Government and Charity.
  • We recognize and advise you on how to address family issues which cause tension and procrastination.
  • Our moderating helps ensure that all stakeholders in the planning process have a voice. All individual views must be understood to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Through experience, we infuse both creativity and practicality into the planning process. We understand that each client has a different complexity threshold.
  • Consensus will be built around a plan which can be implemented. The most suitable plan doesn’t make everyone happy, it’s one that everyone can live with.
  • We create sophisticated financial models to illustrate how a variety of proposed planning techniques might respond to a range of economic conditions – at business and estate levels as well as personal cash flow levels.
  • We help ensure estate planning strategies properly coordinate with business and personal cash flow needs and income and estate tax planning.
  • Our team will collaborate with existing advisors to form an effective planning team.
  • We identify the tasks to be completed, create deadlines and hold everyone accountable. We make sure the job gets DONE!

The Cypress Strategies Process

The Cypress Strategies Process creates a unique collaborative framework to assist our clients to identify clear objectives that act as the foundation and road map for a comprehensive plan. Most importantly, we get our clients to take action.